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The path that molded me into the leader I am today, I owe to DeMolay.

- John, Member, Waynesville Chapter, Missouri

My journey in DeMolay has taught me to want the best out of humanity and give my best for humanity.

- Mason, Member, Golden Chapter, Colorado

DeMolay gave me the confidence to develop my skills as a speaker, team member, and leader, and then to realize and accomplish my dreams.

- Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States, alumnus

Everything I am, everywhere I’ve been, and everything I’ve accomplished, I owe to DeMolay.

- Keith Klein, Alumnus, Past President, Adult Advisor for over five decades

DeMolay gave me the opportunity to apply for multiple scholarships. I was able to pay for a whole year of my college education. Thanks DeMolay!

- Robert, Alumnus, Ohio

Because of DeMolay, I've made friends all over the world!

- Mihai Prisacariu, Member, Romania

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