The 1919 Club Newsletter- April 2020

The International Council of DeMolay Mothers 

The International Council of DeMolay Mothers was created in the early 1930s as a way for mothers to become associated with the Order. The interest of the parents in the well-being of their sons inspired the idea of organizing mothers into an active unit. Records recently discovered in the archives of DeMolay International show that the Mothers held their second annual convention in Kansas City, Missouri from June 24 -26, 1934. At this convention, they talked about the direction and how they could best function to support their sons. Through the years, parents' groups have proven to be a source of strength for Chapters and Jurisdictions. Over time, ladies were able to become Advisors, allowing them to make significant contributions to DeMolay's adult leadership team.


Today, Mothers' and Parents' Clubs combine the energies and talents of both mothers and fathers, as well as guardians and stepparents. Working together, these parents can be of tremendous help to the Advisory Council and to the Chapter itself. Parents' Clubs often furnish many things for the Chapters which the Chapter would not otherwise be able to provide for itself. Some clubs raise money to send DeMolays to state conclaves, Leadership Training Conferences, and similar activities. They can be instrumental in finding new members for Chapters, encouraging attendance, and seeing that appropriate entertainment is provided after Chapter meetings.

Parents' Clubs are usually happy to arrange food and refreshments after Chapter meetings, as well as for social activities. These social gatherings have a great influence on the Chapter members and their families. Often, these activities provide opportunities for members to bring their friends into the DeMolay circle of friendship.



DeMolay Mother’s Creed

I believe in the glorious heritage of youth

            Its aspiration and splendid promise.

I believe in the courage, honor, and innate

            Decency of our young people.

 I believe in our sons

I believe in the principles of the Order of DeMolay

            As exemplified in its work of guiding our

            Boys to better, nobler, knightlier manhood.

And I pledge my support to the organization so far as

            I am able.

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From Dad Land's Speech Notes

The Children Look At The Parents 

We being so hidden from those who
Have quietly borne and fed us,
How can we answer civilly
Their innocent invitations?

How can we say "we see you
As but-for-God's-grace-ourselves, as
Our caricatures (we yours), with
Time's telescope between us"?

How can we say "you presumed on
The accident of kinship,
Assumed our friendship coatlike,
Not as a badge one fights for"?

How say "and you remembered
The sins of our outlived selves and
Your own forgiveness, buried
The hatchet to slow music;

Shared money but not your secrets;
Will leave as your final legacy
A box double-locked by the spider
Packed with your unsolved problems"?

How say all this without capitals,
Italics, anger or pathos,
To those who have seen from the womb come
Enemies? How not say it?

- A. S. J. Tessimond


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