The 1919 Club Newsletter- November 2019

The 822 Club

One of the most prestigious clubs in Kansas City, The 822 Club, was founded in 1927. The club was founded in room 822 of the Kansas City Club, now the Kansas City Social Club, hence its name. The club’s original purpose was to evade prohibition laws. When prohibition ended in 1933, the club continued to meet as a group for meals and a weekly poker game. On April 23rd, 1957, the members decided to welcome Frank S. Land to the membership of just 40. Some notable members at the time were H. Roe Bartle, Senator Harry Darby, William Neal Deramus Jr., and former president Harry S Truman. The archives of DeMolay International contain correspondence between members of the club and Dad Land. Look below for the letter welcoming Dad Land and the History of the Club he received.

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From Dad Land's Speech Notes

The Few

The easy roads are crowded;

And the level roads are jammed

The pleasant little rivers

With the drifting folks are crammed


But off yonder where it’s rocky,

 Where you get a better view,

You will find the ranks are thinning

And the going’s smooth and pleasant

You will always find the throng.


For the many, more’s the pity

 Seem to like to drift along.

But the steeps that call for courage,

 And the task that’s hard to do

In the end result in glory

 For the never wavering few.

--Edgar A. Guest

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