100 Young Men in DeMolay


100 Young Men in DeMolay

At the forefront of what DeMolay is known, DeMolay is known for creating leaders. Research states, that 1 out of every 1,000 young men in the United States, age 12-21 will join DeMolay.  For every 100 boys who join DeMolay 5 of those 100 boys will later become Master Councilors of their chapters. Of those same 5 boys post college experiences, 1 out of those young men will go on to state that they valued their time in DeMolay above their college education experience.

One out of every 100 boys who join DeMolay will be awarded the rank and honor of Chevalier, the highest honor granted to an active DeMolay, and approximately 16 of those 100 will value their time in DeMolay so much that they will “give back” to DeMolay by serving as an adult volunteer.

For every 100 young men who join DeMolay 30 of those young men will drop out of DeMolay in their first year. This may be regarded as a failure, however later in life most of these individuals will remember being a DeMolay and will speak fondly of the lesson they learned during their time while in DeMolay.

Eighty out of 100 young men who join DeMolay will go on to complete some form of post-high school education.  In fact, many DeMolays career paths have been greatly influence by their experiences in DeMolay.

Moreover, DeMolay has produce a significant number of men who after serving as chaplain of their local chapters have gone on to become Ministers or Pastors. Many of these DeMolays’ experienced their first exposure to some form of organized religion, was by attending a DeMolay function at a local church or temple.  In addition, DeMolay has also produced a great number of individuals who have gone on to join the Military, have become Lawyers and law makers, and have become involved with and become leaders in Masonic Lodges and Organizations. Hence, many of our Nations’ leaders in business, religion, and politics have once been affiliated with DeMolay. In fact, one out of every twelve State Governors, and one out of every ten United States Senators is a Senior DeMolay.

As you can see by looking at even a small number of 100 DeMolay a significant number of Leaders are born!