51st Congress Candidates


Kansas City, Mo – DeMolay International is excited to announce the candidates for International Master Councilor and International Congress Secretary for the 51st DeMolay Congress!

Candidates for International Master Councilor
(Candidates listed alphabetically by first name)

Chase Gordon ~ SMC of Arizona


What do you hope to accomplish if elected?


I want to ensure that we are providing our Chapters and members to harness materials and programs that can help them grow and start off on-the-right-foot. Establishing a live stream system and completing a new step-by-step guide to lead new Chapters right from the start.


What is the greatest challenge facing DeMolay?


A lack of vision seriously harms our organization today. I hope to breathe life into the Congress, specifically working to set the Congress on a path to program building at every Session to better help provide our Chapters with important materials, plans, and programs to set them up for success.


Luke Walker ~ PSMC of Washington

What do you hope to accomplish if Elected?

I would like to focus on continuing and building momentum on the successful programs we have, such as the Rush Month and App Committee, as well as implement new programs and committees to

focus on promotion, DeMolay training, and communication between the Congress and the everyday DeMolay.

What is the Greatest Challenge facing DeMolay?

I believe the biggest opportunity of growth we have is the marketing of our Order. If we push ourselves out publicly and openly, then DeMolay will again become a household name and the Order’s values, activity and precepts can sell itself. It is time, once again, to be recognized internationally.


Eric Dye ~ SMC of Pennsylvania

What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

Priority 1: Oversee all programs and actions of Congress, and focus the efforts of the Delegates toward positive and sustainable growth and changes.
Priority 2: Instill a stronger sense of communication and clarity between the different levels and Jurisdictions of DeMolay.
Priority 3: Create videos (informative, travel, interviews, educational)

What is the greatest challenge facing DeMolay?

We need to change public opinion and increase awareness about DeMolay. How? Let’s create engaging programs that provide the Congress Delegates a larger hand in their International governing body, AND ramps up interaction and support between Chapters and DI. The key is communication and consistency, which I will personally ensure.



Candidates for International Congress Secretary
(Candidates listed alphabetically by first name)

Mason Sellars ~ SMC of Colorado

What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

I hope to accomplish many things if elected International Congress Secretary. I hope to work with my brothers to accomplish our goals, our projects, and plans.  I also want to accomplish any goals that the International Master Councilor may have. I want to do all this and noticeably improve DeMolay.

What is the greatest challenge facing DeMolay?

One of the greatest challenges we face is gaining and keeping members. I believe this is due to a lack of relevance and advertising in our communities, a lack of enthusiasm and the need sell DeMolay, effectively. As a team, I know these issues can be improved.

Eric Einarson ~ JMC of Alberta

What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

If elected I hope to see the establishment and development of better communications between DeMolay International and other foreign DeMolay Jurisdictions. These connections would allow an easier flow of ideas and a strengthening of relationships that would enable each group to benefit, and subsequently, allow DeMolay to benefit and grow.

What is the greatest challenge facing DeMolay?

The greatest challenge facing DeMolay is the lack of training opportunities for those looking to obtain a leadership position. We as DeMolays have the opportunity to shape our organization, but this capability is often restrained because those installed in leadership positions still lack the experience to perfect their role.

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