Charity enShrined – A Centennial Courtyard

IMMEDIATE RELEASE Kansas City, Mo – DeMolay International is proud to kick-off our largest community campaign ever, Charity enShrined - A Centennial Courtyard to enshrine 100 years of incredible impact to society. This venture celebrates 100 years of DeMolay and is...

DeMolay is:


Developing young men between the ages of 9 and 21 into better leaders of character.


Teaching young men to live their lives by seven core values.


Providing young men with quality guidance and mentorship.


Allowing young men to control and shape their DeMolay Experience.

DeMolay Statistics:
Scholarships Received 2020 :
Contributions to Philanthropy 2020:
Community Service Hours 2020:
5,485 hrs.

Hall of Fame Quotes

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"I feel a great sense of obligation and gratitude toward the Order of DeMolay for the important part it played in my life. Its precepts have been invaluable in making decisions, facing dilemmas, and crises. DeMolay stands for all that is good for the family and for our country. I feel privileged to have enjoyed membership in DeMolay."

Walt Disney Mother Chapter, MO

"I enjoyed my association with DeMolay in my youth and believe that DeMolay has served the young people of the United States well over a long period of time."

Tom Osborne  Hastings Chapter, NE

"I was overwhelmed by the feeling of friendship, comradeship, and brotherhood. DeMolay will always hold a deep spot in my heart."

John Wayne Glendale Chapter, CA

"I thank God and DeMolay for helping me become kind and thoughtful to my parents and all my friends. I had many opportunities to do the wrong things, and I might have done them, if it were not for DeMolay. God bless them."

Mel Blanc Sunnyside Chapter, OR

"My DeMolay experience gave me the confidence to develop my skills as a speaker, team member, and leader, and then to realize and accomplish my dreams. I will always be thankful for the guidance given to me by my friends in DeMolay."

Bill Clinton Hot Springs Chapter, AR

"It seems that today, many young Americans flock to gangs. They are starved for a surrogate family. They don't have to be. In my generation, and in this one, there is DeMolay to funnel the energies of young men into building challenging, inspiring, rewarding, and constructive lives for themselves."

Paul Harvey Delta Chapter, OK

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