A National Fund-Raising Program

On February 21, 1940, Dad Land met with the Board of Directors of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial Association to ask for the privilege of presenting to the Masons of the country an heroic statue of George Washington to stand in Memorial Hall, the first place visitors would go to enter the building.  A plate at the base would say that it was donated by the boys of the Order of DeMolay.  The cost of a giant marble carving by the sculptor Bryan Baker was estimated to be $40,000 (equal in buying power to $704,350 in 2018.)  Dad Land’s concept was that every Chapter should raise $80 ($1408 in 2018) and that no money should be taken from a Chapter Treasury, but that a proper fundraiser in each Chapter could convince 80 people to give $1.00 ($17.61 in 2018.)  Total membership in the order that year was 74,856 youth and 8,964 advisors.  Additionally, the money raised was to be escrowed and held for 18-months.  If the project could not be completed, according to Dad Land’s plans, the monies would be returned to the Chapters.  Further, NONE of the money raised was to be spend of plaques or donation keepsakes, so that ALL the money raised would go toward the project.
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1.) Do you think this was a good project for all DeMolays in the United States to support?

2.) Do you think Dad Land’s fundraising plan was a good idea?

3.) If asked today, would you give $17.61 to a project to raise funds for some kind of national effort? If so, what would appeal to you more:  would it be something permanent, like a statue, or a charitable gift to support an important cause, consistent with our 7 cardinal virtues?

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