Advisor Renewal Success


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – DeMolay International is proud to announce that of 4,754 registered 2016 DeMolay Advisors, 4,190 are officially registered as DeMolay Advisors for 2017 (88.1% renewal rate.)

Throughout 2016, of 4,844 Advisors, 3,832 renewed (79.1% renewal rate) as DeMolay Advisors and throughout 2015 of 4,925 we renewed 3,881 (79.8% renewal rate). This higher renewal rate is due to multiple factors, namely the work of DeMolay Executive Officers and key jurisdiction staff utilizing the new (easier) online renewal process! Yes, this means DeMolay International registered more Continuing Advisors before January 1, 2017, than at least the last two years.  

We wish to thank all DeMolay Advisors, Executive Officers, and Region Representatives who virtually knocked doors and those who spent extra time on this incredible feat. An additional thank you to a wonderful DeMolay International staff who were champs, answering phones, and walking individuals through the new online process, great work! 

The 10-day grace period for checks and paper forms has now concluded and all 2016 Advisors who wish to become reregistered must complete a New Advisor Application on eScribe

For more information, please contact:
DeMolay International
1-800-DEMOLAY (336-6529)

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