Argentina – DeMolay’s launches a new Jurisdiction


Kansas City, Mo – Grand Master Bill Sardone announces the creation of the newest Jurisdiction within DeMolay International, Argentina. Sharing the bulk of the Southern Cone with its neighbor Chile to the west, the country is bordered by the DeMolay Jurisdictions of Bolivia and Paraguay to the north, the O Supremo Conselho da Ordem DeMolay para a República Federativa do Brasil (DeMolay Supreme Council of Brazil) to the northeast, and even the Jurisdiction of Uruguay to the south, effectively surrounding the newly created Jurisdiction by DeMolay.

ArgentinaGrand Master Sardone creates this new Jurisdiction pursuant to Article 2 202.1 (i) of the DeMolay International Rules and Regulations.

Until such time where an Executive Officer candidate completes Jurisdiction Management Training and it is found that he lives or works in the Jurisdiction of Argentina or an adjacent jurisdiction, Jorge Quintanilla, Executive Officer of Bolivia, will serve as the Personal Representative to the Grand Master.

Grand Master Sardone said, “The global footprint of DeMolay International continues to expand with the establishment of the Jurisdiction of Argentina. I want to extend my appreciation to Gran Maestro Nicolás Orlando Breglia and the Gran Logia de la Argentina for their support. We all look forward to the lessons that will be learned and shared as our young men become leaders. This has been an effort of Masonic and DeMolay teamwork and the future is bright.”

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