Centennial International Congress Officers

Centennial International Master Councilor Avery Brinkley and International Congress Secretary Andrew Buckwinkler

DeMolay International is proud to announce that Avery Brinkley of Southern California and Andrew Buckwinkler of Illinois were elected as the Centennial International Master Councilor and International Congress Secretary respectively during the 51st International DeMolay Congress held in Alexandria, Virginia, June 21-23, 2018.

During the next year, the pair will travel extensively representing DeMolay at events throughout the world. Their primary responsibility will be to assist local and jurisdictional youth leaders with membership programs while supporting the organization's centennial celebration.

Upon being elected, Brinkley, who is completing service as the Jurisdictional Master Councilor for Southern California DeMolay, said "I cannot express the honor I feel having been elected DeMolay's Centennial International Master Councilor by my Brothers around the world. I look forward to working hard with Andrew Buckwinkler to make this year a success. This is just the start of an incredible journey!"

Buckwinkler, currently serving as State Master Councilor of Illinois DeMolay, added "I am beyond humbled to be given this life-changing opportunity to serve the Order that has changed my life. Avery [Brinkley] and I have amazing ideas that we have already started discussing and I can't wait to grow DeMolay International!"

Brinkley and Buckwinkler will preside over the 52nd International DeMolay Congress in conjunction with the Order's centennial celebration to be held in Kansas City, Missouri, June 25-29, 2019.

For more information about DeMolay International and the International DeMolay Congress Officers, visit DeMolay.org