Centennial Meritorious Service Awards Announced

Kansas City, MO - DeMolay International is proud to announce the release of the Centennial Meritorious Service Awards, which will be available for Master Councilors of DeMolay Chapters and Knight Commanders of Priories of Knighthood whose terms include at least one day during the fraternity's centennial observance. Qualifying terms must include at least one day between June 23, 2018 and June 29, 2019.

These awards are separate from the existing Meritorious Service Awards created by Dad Frank S. Land, who founded DeMolay. Individuals who are attempting to qualify for the Centennial MSA Awards are also encouraged to apply for the existing MSA awards.

All materials for the Centennial MSA Awards must be submitted using the forms found here.

Submissions for the existing MSA program will follow the process established by the Executive Officer of each Jurisdiction. Each award must be applied for separately.

Questions regarding the Centennial MSA Awards should be directed to Past Grand Master Derek Sprague at DSprague@DeMolay.org.