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Pro Fraternitas:
In honor of the 100th year of DeMolay, any jurisdiction which initiates 100 new members during the Centennial year will receive the award Pro Fraternitas. The insignia of this award will take the form of a battle streamer for a jurisdictional banner or flag, and is to be displayed proudly as an emblem of excellence in the field of membership during the Centennial year.

Not only that, but each Jursidiction which earns Pro Fraternitas will receive a Pro Fraternitas pop-up banner to display proudly. They will also receive up to a $300 reimbursement to host a social event of their choosing for the 100 new members and their first-line signers.

The award winners will be commemorated in our Charity enShrined Centennial Courtyard as well, with a Large Brick inscribed with:

  • Jurisdiction name
  • Pro Fraternitas
  • The Grand Masters Seal and Centennial Emblem
  • 2018-2019