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Pro Merito

  • As one of the centerpieces of the Centennial year, DeMolay International has designed and introduced the Centennial award "Pro Merito". Translating from Latin as “for merit”, Pro Merito is a special merit bar drop that can be earned by any active DeMolay during the Centennial year only. Pro Merito is a fantastic way that chapters can reward members who are doing great work and encourage other members to do more. Pro Merito, like all Centennial programs, is designed to drive membership recruitment, retention and activity.

    In order to earn this special Centennial award, a DeMolay must do all of the following during the Centennial year:
    • Be the first-line signer for at least two (2) new members
    • Attend a minimum of six (6) of his chapter’s meetings
    • Participate in at least one (1) Fundraising activity
    • Participate in at least one (1) Social activity
    • Participate in at least one (1) Civic Service activity
    • Participate in at least one (1) Masonic Service activity
    • Attend at least one (1) activity outside his own chapter
    • Attend a DeMolay Centennial Event

    Earning this award is a goal any member can easily achieve, and encouraging members to earn it will help any chapter succeed!

  • All criteria for this award can only be completed during the Centennial Year.

  • Please list the full name of the young men you are a first-line signer for:
  • Please list the activity:
  • Please list the activity:
  • Please list the activity:
  • Please list the activity:
  • Such as: attend conclave, visit another Chapter, join Priory or other. Please list the activity below
  • List the DeMolay Centennial event organized by your Chapter, District, Jurisdiction or DeMolay International that you attended.