DeMolay’s Magnificent Gift To Freemasonry

Ten years after obtaining permission to sponsor the statue, in 1950, the Order of DeMolay formally presented a 17-ton gift to the George Washington Masonic National Memorial.  A towering statue of George Washington, NOT made of marble, but rather, cast in bronze and standing 17’ 4” tall dominated the rotunda of that amazing Memorial. Then President Harry S Truman spoke at the dedication.  Many of the President’s Cabinet and several Supreme Court Justices were present.  Judge William E. McKay, Grand Master of DeMolay, noted that “the statue may be the motif of many a pilgrimage on the part of our membership where we may rededicate ourselves to the principles that gave us birth and happiness and the peace and freedom we have so long cherished.”

1.) Why did it take 10 years to raise enough money to sponsor this statue?

2.) Have you ever been to the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia? If yes, what impressed you the most?

3.) Would you like to lead your Chapter members on a “pilgrimage” to see the Memorial and to conduct a patriotic rededication ceremony? Why, or why not?