First Impressions Count

First impressions have a history of being responsible for many successes and many failures of individuals and institutions.  A first impression is the immediate reaction in your brain that tells you whether something is appealing or repulsive. It is part of our personal early warning system, and tells us instinctively whether something is safe or dangerous.  Often, first impressions are accurate, to some extent.  But sometimes they are not, which is why we are admonished in our ceremonies to give others “the benefit of the doubt.”  Almost everyone who makes a mistake deserves a second chance.

Dad Frank S. Land’s first impression of Louis Lower was very positive. He genuinely liked the young man’s confidence, his resolve to better himself, and his work ethic.  Louie’s first impression of Dad Land was of a man who listened carefully, seldom judged, and was always considerate of his feelings.  The boys who first met Dad Land were struck by his enthusiasm for the idea of a club, and his commitment to Freemasonry.  They were also blown away by the splendor of the Scottish Rite Temple where Land proposed that they meet.  If any of their first impressions had been poor, it is possible the DeMolay program never would have gotten off the ground.


  1. 1.) What gave you your first impression of DeMolay? Was it a person, an activity, a website, a video, or a brochure?
  2. 2.) Describe your first impression of DeMolay.
  3. 3.) Did you make your decision to join DeMolay based on that first impression, or did something else happen that encouraged you to join?
  4. 4.) Understanding this, does it change how you might approach your next membership recruitment effort?