Grow DeMolay Fund Request

  • Grand Master Bill Sardone is pleased to announce a targeted initiative coupled with financial resources that will be made available to Jurisdictions to grow DeMolay. All Jurisdictions in the United States can apply for up to $2,500 so long as there are measurable results in membership in that Jurisdiction with the use of the monetary support.

    Only the Executive Officer of a Jurisdiction in the United Stated may apply for funding. The form is kept simple. The objective is to get a commitment, implement and grow.

  • Grand Senior Councilor Ron J. Minshall is the point person that will lead a task force and review all applications. Dad Minshall will monitor and guide the implementation of fund requests under the direction of Dad Sardone.

    In addition to the narrative of how these funds will help your Jurisdiction grow, please be sure to upload supporting documents such as action plans, invitations, budgets, etc. This will allow DeMolay International greater insight into your usage of these funds to make your Jurisdiction successful. Or email Michael Russell or Bill Sardone directly at Your plans will be shared with the membership committee for inclusion in their planning.

    Upon approving your request Dad Sardone will send a letter to your Masonic Grand Master indicating the support that DeMolay International is adding to the DeMolay Jurisdiction in his state.

    We hope that when the Executive Officers show beyond normal improvement your Grand Lodges and/or concordant bodies may pick this program up and keep it ongoing.