Larry D. Wilcox

Inducted June 16, 2001

Actor, Businessman

Rawlins Chapter

Rawlins, WY

For Larry Wilcox, his starring role in the 1977-1983 television series CHiPs is not what now sustains him.

Wilcox moved from his home in Wyoming to California after his freshman year of college. Soon after, he was drafted into the Army; instead, he joined the Marines and was sent to Vietnam as an artilleryman. He retired as a sergeant of the Marine Corps and returned to Los Angeles to attend college, where he double-majored in drama and dentistry.

Wilcox started out as an actor. His first role was as Dale Mitchell in the series "Lassie" in 1972. Wilcox began to get a number of guest starring roles in series like "M*A*S*H," "Hawaii Five-O," and "The Streets of San Francisco." He was cast as Jon Baker in "CHiPs," a motorcycle-cop series that premiered in 1977 and topped the Nielsen ratings. After he left "CHiPs in 1982, Wilcox moved on to the role of producer. But while he has been successful on both sides of the camera, Wilcox moved on to become a businessman.

Wilcox has been very successful in business. He has acted as president/CEO of UC Hub, an ASP (Application Service Provider) specializing in technology and integrated solutions for fiber and wireless communication; owner of PromiseNet, an internet and long-distance carrier in Atlanta; owner of OneDigital, which markets online games and entertainment, and partner of Salt Lake City's MediaCore, which sells data compression technology. Wilcox keeps tabs on his partners and employees from an office at his home in San Fernando Valley's Bell Canyon.

Wilcox is married to Marlene Harmon, a former member of the U.S. Olympic track and field team. He has five children; Derek and Heidi, from his first marriage to high school classmate, Judy; Wendy, from his second marriage to Hannie, a CHiPs sound technician; and Chad and Ryan, with current wife, Marlene.

Wilcox was initiated into Rawlings Chapter DeMolay in Rawlings, Wyoming, in 1963, where he served as a Master Councilor. Wilcox was inducted into the DeMolay Hall of Fame on June 16, 2001.

"I have learned a great deal in my life, and DeMolay helped me to learn that character and integrity should be cornerstones in your life. As a Senior DeMolay, as a father, the best advice I could ever give would be to take the high road in life, and you will be able to build trusting relationships."