Dr. Robert Lee Beck

Inducted June 26, 1999

Dentist, Physician, U.S. Olympic Athlete

Coronado Chapter

Coronado, CA

Dentist, Physician, U.S. Olympic Athlete
University of Virginia, BA '58
United States Navy (1958-61) Lt., U.S.N.
USS Wisconsin (BB64); USS Beatty (DD756)
US Navel Academy, US Embassy, Moscow
Harvard University, DMD '65; Duke University, MD '67
Represented the United States internationally on thirteen different Olympic,
Pan American and World Championship teams in the
sports of Modern Pentathlon, Fencing and Riding.
Won three Gold and three Bronze Olympic, Pan American and
World Championship medals. World Champion Shooting (1969),
Fencing (1970), Riding (1969)
The only double medal winner for the United States in the
Olympic discipline of Modern Pentathlon.
Senior DeMolay Robert Lee Beck excelled. He has not one, but two doctorates - one in medicine (from Duke University), one in dentistry (from Harvard). As an Olympic athlete, he represented the United states in thirteen different Olympic, Pan American and World Championship Team in the sports of modern pentathlon, fencing, and horseback riding.

Beck's family has resided in Texas for over 150 years. He attended the University of Virginia from 1954-1956. He earned a Bachelor of Art degree with a major in Biology, and a minor in Chemistry, Geopolitics, Naval Science, and Naval Engineering. From 1958-1961, Beck served in the United States Navy as a regular line officer, and had duty aboard the U.S.S. Wisconsin (BB64) and the U.S.S. Beatty (DD756). During his time in the Navy, Beck also served the United States Naval Academy and the United States Embassy in Moscow, Russia. From 1961-1967, he attended Duke University and Harvard, earning two doctorates-medicine and dentistry, respectively. He graduated first in his class in dentistry. While actively participating in dental medicine since 1967, he has also been involved in ranch, gas, and oil properties, plus he owned Chaparral Country Club and Chaparral Sports International.

In competition, Beck enjoyed notable success. He has won three Gold and three Bronze Olympic, Pan American Games and World Championship medals. Beck has been World Champion in Shooting (1969), Fencing (1970) and Horseback Riding (1969). He is hailed as the last Olympic medal winner for the United States in Modern Pentathlon and the only person to win three gold medals in the two different sports of Modern Pentathlon and Fencing in the Pan American Games.

Beck was initiated into Coronado Chapter DeMolay in Coronado, California, in 1952. Beck received the Degree of Chevalier, the Blue Honor Key, and the Legion of Honor. He was inducted into the DeMolay Hall of Fame on June 26, 1999.

"The Order of DeMolay instilled in me a feeling of worthiness, dedication, and loyalty, and an unshaken belief in a God whose hand is always there when you reach for it. Early in my life, DeMolay precepts laid the foundation for me to set realistic goals and enabled me to win when I needed to win. These same precepts have given me the inner strength to face adversity and tragedy, and to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. I will be eternally grateful to the Order of DeMolay for having invited me into its fellowship and for having given me the spiritual direction and counsel that are so vital in forming the cornerstones of character."