Thomas J. Cole

Inducted June 13, 2018

US House of Representatives

Moore Chapter

Moore, Oklahoma

United States Congressman from Oklahomas 4th District (2003-present)

Vice Chairman, House Committee on Rules Subcommittee Chairman, House Appropriations Committee Deputy Majority Whip Grinnell College B.A. in History (1971)

Yale University M.A. in British History (1974)

University of Oklahoma PhD in British History (1984)

Fulbright Fellow Thomas Watson Fellow Oklahoma State Senator (1988-1991)

26th Secretary of State of Oklahoma (1995-1999)

Chairman, Oklahoma Republican Party (1985-1989)

Executive Director, National Republican Congressional Committee (1992 Election Cycle)

Chief of Staff, Republican National Committee (2000 Election Cycle)

Member of Oklahoma Hall of Fame Initiated: Moore Chapter (1963) Moore, Oklahoma
"Everybody knows somebody that doesnt like them, but only politicians get an exact count. In a lifetime of elections I have been fortunate enough to win a lot more than I have lost. But, at the end of the day the people who have really determined my fate are the people of Oklahoma.

I have had the privilege of being on the ballot nine times for either state or federal office each time the good and great and decent people of Oklahoma have given me the honor of going on and serve them and I am grateful for that confidence and I never take it lightly."