Find A Reason

If you are looking for a great way to spend your time in a healthy productive and safe environment DeMolay is your answer!

DeMolay Chapters have, as you may have read under What We Do, a wide variety of activities that appeal to all. In DeMolay there is something specific that will match your interests, and if not, you may be the key to getting your chapter involved in new activities. If it is not already happening you can make it happen.

DeMolay is an organization that has been run by chapter members for nearly 100 years. The chapter is yours; you choose the activities, you choose the fun, you choose the civic service, you chose your journey, you choose where to take your DeMolay experience.

Joining DeMolay is a lifelong commitment to be a better man. You commit in your joining ceremony to start by being a better son; your parents could even come watch you take your obligation!

In short, DeMolay is a melting pot full of diversity providing you an opportunity to have fun, make new friends, and do great service for your community and the world!

You are about to join an extremely distinguished group of men who have gone before you, to see the many famous members who have joined DeMolay, go here.