DeMolay International is a 501(c)-3 non-profit corporation that is governed by a 19 person Board of Directors. The membership of the Board of Directors is primarily drawn from the adult leaders on the International Supreme Council, a governing body of adult leaders from around the world that are responsible for the standardization, rules, regulations, and policy decisions for all DeMolay Chapters. The International Supreme Council elects officers to lead the organization.

Youth Leadership

To provide youth leadership, DeMolay gives Active DeMolays the chance to meet on the international level in a senate-style body called the International DeMolay Congress. The Congress is composed of two delegates from each Jurisdiction/State. The purpose of the International DeMolay Congress is to provide guidance and program suggestions for the International Supreme Council.

Local Leadership

On the local level, DeMolays are organized into chapters who elect their own leaders and are overseen by adult volunteers who form Advisory Councils to supervise the activities of the chapter and to ensure the safety of all youth participants.

International Headquarters

The headquarters of DeMolay International is located in Kansas City, Missouri and houses the Service & Leadership Center whose professional staff provides support to DeMolay Chapters across the globe.