Board of Directors

The Board of Directors transacts all business of DeMolay International and is composed of 19 positions specifically defined in the By-laws. The Board of Directors shall meet during the last three months of the calendar year at a time and place selected by the Grand Master, though traditionally, the Board of Directors meets quarterly to provide executive leadership and guidance for the organization. All actions of the Board of Directors must be ratified by the International Supreme Council, the governing body of DeMolay International.

The following slate of officers and directors were unanimously elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the 2017-2018 term:

Ronald (Ron) J. Minshall
Grand Master

M. Boyd Patterson, Jr.
Vice Chairman
Grand Senior Councilor

John W. Whitaker
Grand Junior Councilor

Wesley D. Thornton, PGM
Grand Treasurer

Keith K. Klein, PGM
Grand Secretary

Chase W. Gordon
Class VI Representative
International Master Councilor

Mason M. Sellars
Class VI Representative
International Congress Secretary

Brian S. Noble
Region I Representative

John D. Stallings
Region II Representative

Craig R. Maddux
Region III Representative

Gregory A. Chiles, PGM
Region IV Representative

Michael W. Stuhr
Region V Representative

Michael (Mike) S. Rushin
Region VI Representative

Samuel (Sam) H. Whitehead
Region VII Representative

Jeffery A. Brunson
Region VIII Representative

Luiz A. Kieling
Region IX Representative

Mircea Gheordunescu
Region X Representative

William (Bill) R. Gordon
Chairman, Executive Officer’s Conference

Gregory A. Chiles, PGM
Budget & Finance Committee Chairman

Tony R. Krall
Jurisprudence & Legislation Committee Chairman


Christian D. Moore
Executive Director**

Justin M. Lee
Corporate Controller**

* Denotes non-voting members.
** Denotes non-voting employee that has a direct report to the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of the following: one Class 1 member as a representative from each of the DeMolay regions; and the Grand Master, Grand Senior Councilor, Grand Junior Councilor, Grand Secretary, Grand Treasurer, a representative selected from the Executive Officers’ Conference, and two Class 6 members of DeMolay International. The Chairman of the Jurisprudence and Legislation Committee, the Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee and the General Counsel shall be members without a vote.