The Master Squire’s Meritorious Service Award was created to recognize outstanding leadership and cooperation within a Squire Manor. The Master Squire must fulfill these requirements to qualify for this award.

1. At the beginning of his term he must submit a letter stating his intention to qualify for the award with his term plan, approved by a Manor Advisor, to his Executive Officer or their designated representative.

2. Prior to the completion of his term, he must: a. Conduct at least three meetings of the Manor b. Induct at least three new members c. Conduct a Manor social event d. Participate in an event with another DeMolay entity (Manor, Chapter, Priory, or other) e. Participate in a community involvement event. Requirements c, d, and e must be completed separately; he may not use one event to satisfy more than one requirement.

3. As soon as all requirements are completed the Master Squire must notify his Executive Officer, detailing how each requirement was met. The statement must be verified by a Manor Advisor. The Master Squire should submit his statement of completion immediately upon meeting all objectives to allow for the award to presented as quickly as possible. It is not required, or desired, that he wait for the end of the. Term if the objectives are met prior to that point.

  • * Must be approved by the Executive Officer

  • * Jurisdictions outside the US will be billed via PayPal for additional shipping costs and are furthermore responsible for any customs fees and/or taxes.