International History

A Growing Organization: Frank S. Land never imagined that DeMolay would spread as fast as it did. In March of 1922, DeMolay had been established in 39 of what were then the 48 United States, as well as in the District of Columbia.

It was then that Mr. Land came across the thought to spread DeMolay to other countries. He was a strong believer that DeMolay should not be limited to just the United States, and thus he set out to work.

Today, we are lucky to be an international organization sharing DeMolay in more than 15 countries worldwide, in 5 continents. Take a look below at where DeMolay has spread after its humble start in Kansas City, MO.

1923: DeMolay Canada is chartered.


1959: DeMolay began in Australia.


1960: DeMolay began in Germany and Japan.

Japan and Germany

1979: DeMolay began in Brazil.


1984: DeMolay began in the Philippines.


1990: DeMolay began in Bolivia.


2000: DeMolay began in Romania and Aruba.


2004: DeMolay began in Italy.


2013: DeMolay began in Paraguay, Uruguay, and Peru.

Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru

2014: DeMolay began in Panama.


2015: DeMolay began in France and the Adriatic States.

France and the Adriatic