Gary Collins

Gary Collins


"Needless to say, DeMolay had a profound effect on me. It arrived at a critical point in my life. For at fourteen, the issues of fraternity, faith, and trust were insignificant. The example of Jacques DeMolay's courage helped me to see that there was another dimension to one's life and that the attempt to reach a worthy goal could give so much more meaning to one's life. Of course, the opportunity to go through the chairs was an honor and certainly nurtured whatever leadership qualities I might possess today."


Starred in "The Wackiest Ship in the Army" television series 1965.
Headlined in "The Sixth Sense","Born Free" and "The Iron Horse".
Made motion picture debut in "Cleopatra" and later
appeared in "The Longest Day".
Host of "Hour Magazine".
Awarded an Emmy in 1984 for being an Outstanding Host of a
Talk Show/Information Series.
Annual Host of "Miss America" pageant and
the National March of Dimes telethon.
Triangle Chapter, Venice, California. Initiated 1952.

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