Leonard G. Shurtleff

Leonard G. Shurtleff

Ambassador, United States of America


B.A., Tufts University - 1962
U.S. Embassy, Caracas, Venezuela - 1963-1965
Political Officer, Sierra Leone - 1965-1967
Bureau of Intelligence & Research, Washington - 1969-1970
United State Consulate, Douala, Cameroon - 1970
U.S. Embassy, Nouakchott, Mauritania - 1975-1977
Special Assistant to the Ambassador, U.S. Embassy, Bogota, Colombia
Alternate Director, Office of Inter-African Affairs - 1977-1979
Deputy Director, Office of Central African Affairs - 1979-1981
Deputy Executive Director, Bureau of African Affairs - 1981-1983
Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S, Embassy, Monrovia, Liberia - 1983
Member, Senior Seminar, Foreign Service Institute - 1983
Ambassador, People's Republic of the Congo - 1987

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