Thomas W. Moberly

Thomas W. Moberly

"You get out of DeMolay what you put into it. In my lifetime, I have received a lot more from DeMolay than I ever put into it. My lasting friendships and fond memories of watching great young men become great adult leaders is more than I can repay. I only hope that my involvement has helped the DeMolay's that I have met and influenced, reach their full potential."


Graduate Lincoln High School - 1957
Fidelity Cross - 1961
Michigan - Raised Master Mason - 1962
United States Army in Okinawa - Rank E-5 - 1966
Director of Activities and Field Relations for
DeMolay International in Kansas City, Missouri - 1966- 1981
High Twelve International Founders Award - 1981
Executive Director - Northern California DeMolay 1981 - Present
California Affiliated Membership - 1966
Michigan DeMolay Hall of Fame - Past State Outstanding DeMolay
Grand Masters Masonic Youth Support Award - 2008
Grand Lodge Golden Veterans Award - 2012
California Anniversary Award - 2013

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