William D. Schaeffer

William D. Schaeffer


"Little did I know that my membership in the Order of DeMolay was the foundation for more than 50 years in public service. The principles it teaches are more important today than ever when young people need opportunity and encouragement to become responsible, contributing members of society. DeMolay provides a great start for a future of helping others and making one's community a better place."


State of MarylandState of MarylandGovernor (1987-1995)

Comptroller (Elected 1998)

Mayor of Baltimore City (1971-1987)

Baltimore City Council President (1967-1971)

Baltimore City Council Member (1955-1967)

Served in the United States Army during World War IIAnd the Army Reserve until 1979Received a master's of law degree University of Baltimore School of Law (1954)

Recipient of President's Medal, Johns Hopkins UniversityJefferson Award for Public Service by an elected officialH. Vernon Eney Award, Maryland Bar FoundationDistinguished Service Award, Democratic Party

Legion of Honor

Initiated Belvedere Chapter (Maryland) - November 4, 1938

Inducted February 12, 2006