The Art of Gift Giving (12/13/18)

Everyone loves receiving gifts. Most people enjoy giving gifts to family and friends, but finding the right gift for the occasion can be difficult. If you’re feeling stressed out about gifting during the holiday season, or just want to be better prepared for next year, here are some tips from The Huffington Post’s Gift Giving Guide that might help:

1.) Stay Organized- Keep a list of dates that you might want to give gifts such as birthdays, holidays, special events, and anniversaries. Work backward from there and figure out how long you need to buy and possibly ship the gifts.

2.) Ready to Shop- Make a list of the giftee's characteristics, favorite things, and inside jokes you share. Check out the article for more in-depth ideas

3.) Take your list and get on Pinterest or Etsy- This may help you find the perfect gift, or give you inspiration for a gift you could make. Some people prefer homemade gifts as it can show that the person giving the gift also gave the gifts of their time and talent.

4.) For family or close friends, consider asking them to put items in a “wish list” such as Amazon or Pinterest that you can purchase from. (You may want to create a similar list for yourself while you’re at it!)

5.) Write a note- Once you have the gift, write a note to the person. It can be on a store-bought or homemade card. Make it personal - share a favorite memory or story, tell them how much they mean to you, or tell them you love them.