eScribe Update – Member Registration


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Youth Registration in eScribe just got a whole lot easier! Whether you need to report a new Squire, DeMolay, or Knight – the brand-new Youth Registration module, now available in eScribe, simplifies the process while providing additional flexibility.

eScribe Youth Registration now consists of only two main screens that create an overall seamless user-interface that is completely new, yet extraordinarily familiar.

Youth Registration landing page features search functionality to allow Chapter Admins or the Executive Officer to find Pending or Completed packages by providing known details such as Manor/Chapter/Priory, Package ID, Advisor ID, or even a date range. The rest of the page lists the important details of each registration at a glance, consisting of “Registration Packages” that can contain up to 100 members at once. By simply clicking on a package within the list, the package is expanded to reveal basic information about the new members and several options to delve further into the package.

The Registration Details page takes you inside of a registration package, consisting of each new member within that package and the ability to fill-out the new members’ information at your own pace. It no longer requires all information to be added at once – the required fields must only be filled out when the entire package is ready to be submitted.

Creating a registration package and adding new members has never been easier. By clicking “Create New Registration Package” on the landing page, the first member is ready to be entered. To that end, a single “Youth Registration Package” may consist of any type of new member, not just ‘Squires only’ or ‘DeMolays only’. Moreover, the Chapter Admin or Executive Officer now has the ability to register new members to multiple Manors/Chapters/Priories within the same package. These two features alone make it easy for a Jurisdictional Staff member to report new Squires, DeMolays, and Knights after a convention or conclave!

Some Jurisdictions prefer to submit the registration fee for new members while others leave it up to the Chapter to do so. Once submitted, a Youth Registration package will automatically move to “Pay by Chapter” or “Pay by Jurisdiction” depending on the preference of the Executive Officer of that Jurisdiction. And of course, packages with no fee will be automatically completed upon being submitted.

The new Youth Registration module in eScribe is packed with incredible features to ensure that the process is easy and user-friendly to help Advisors report new members more efficiently.

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