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    Centennial Master Squire’s Meritorious Service Award FAQ’s

    1. There are special requirements for the Centennial MS-MSA. Are there any special rewards?

    Those who qualify for the Award will receive a unique medal which will only be presented to recipients qualifying during the 100th Anniversary observance. In addition, their names will be printed in the Centennial Yearbook, if submitted by May 1st of 2019 and awardees are invited to a free, private lunch with the Grand Master during the 2019 Centennial Celebration in Kansas City, Missouri.

    2. What is the Centennial Year?

    DeMolay’s Centennial Year begins at the close of the 2018 Annual Meeting which is on the 23rd of June. That celebration year ends at the close of the 2019 Annual meeting on the 29th of June in that year. The Centennial MS-MSA is intended to promote Manor activity and participation during the 100th anniversary of the Order of DeMolay.

    3.My term as Master Squire begins prior to the 23rd of June 2018. Can I still qualify if I meet all of the requirements?

    Yes! However, your term must extend into at least some part of the Centennial Year since you must conduct a program or activity commemorating DeMolay’s 100 years on a date during the Centennial Year as set out in requirement #2(f).

    4. My term begins during the Centennial Year but will not conclude until after the 29th of June in 2019. As such, may I still receive the Award if I meet all the requirements?

    Yes! If you complete all the requirements you will be awarded the Centennial MS-MSA when you complete your term whenever that occurs. However, remember that you must complete the anniversary event in term requirement #2(f) before the 29th of June 2019.

    5. Can I submit my Declaration of Intent to Qualify by mail or in some other paper form?

    No. In order to promote efficiency in administration all forms and reports for the Award must be prepared and filed online. All of the needed forms and information are contained on the DeMolay International website.

    6. What types of activities will satisfy requirement #2(f) – that I conduct an activity to celebrate DeMolay’s 100th Anniversary?

    There is no specific list of activities which will qualify. Below are some examples:
    • A Master Squire may satisfy this requirement by presenting a program in your Manor talking about the history of DeMolay.
    • Plan and serve a dinner to recognize your Manor’s members who have moved on to join a Chapter.
    • Write a history of your Manor.
    These are only suggestions. Be creative and design a celebration event which will appeal to your members. If you have questions about whether your plan will qualify you should contact the Program Administrator.

    7. May I conduct a meeting or event which can be counted as both a social and community service event or a some other combination of the required meetings?

    No. In order to satisfy requirements 2(c), 2(d), 2(e) and 2(f) you must conduct four separate events or activities.

    8. May I have my Manor collaborate with other Manors or Chapters to put on the activities set out in term requirements?

    Yes! These requirements are met so long as you take some active part in planning, promotion and production of the event and lead your Manor in participation

    9. If I complete all requirements when can I receive the Award?

    You may choose to have the award presented as soon as all requirements are met. However, if you wish to attend DeMolay’s Centennial celebration in June of 2019 the Grand Master will personally present you with the Centennial MS-MSA. All who qualify for the Award will be recognized at the 100th Anniversary.

    10. Who should I contact if I have other questions?

    Dad Christian Moore at the Service and Leadership Center is the Program Administrator for the Centennial MS-MSA. He may be contacted by email: