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The International DeMolay Alumni

Alumni are very important to the continued success of DeMolay. Dad Land noticed this very early in DeMolay’s existence. He felt so strongly about it that he appointed Louis Lower the International President of The International DeMolay Alumni in a Grand Scribe’s Bulletin issued on July 8, 1927. The first Alumni Chapter (Mother Chapter) was formed just days later on July 16, 1928. The Transactions of the first annual meeting of the DeMolay Alumni established these purposes:


Purpose of The International DeMolay Alumni


  1. That inasmuch as the association of the Alumni is just in the process of organization in its true international sense, it shall be our main aim to perfect a working organization by getting as many Alumni Chapters organized as possible.


  1. The fundamental purpose of the association shall be to advance the Order of DeMolay, assisting the Grand Council, Advisory Council and the subordinate Chapters.



  1. A Member of Alumni Chapters should attend every meeting possible of the local Chapter and meet and advise with Advisory Councils.


  1. We shall be ever ready and assist in the institution of New DeMolay Chapters.



  1. We shall strive to carry into our daily lives, the teachings that were taught us and are being taught by the ritual of the Order of DeMolay.


  1. It shall be the policy of this association to refrain from any part in Chapter disputes, election of officers, and only confine our activity in so far as DeMolay Chapters are concerned, to those things that are beneficial and will advance the Chapter and the Order in general.


  1. As this is to be a permanent organization consisting of past DeMolays, and we shall of course grow older, we should take on an atmosphere of an association of men. We should renew and maintain a friendship and understandings made at the DeMolay Altar throughout the Alumni.


  1. As an organization of men, we should take part in the worthwhile civic movements in our respective communities, build programs of our own in this direction and develop a reputation as a progressive organization.


The first annual session of the International DeMolay Alumni was held in Kansas City, Missouri on March 17, 1928. The members met to go over topics and discuss important matters to advance DeMolay. To check out the full Transactions, click the image below.


In addition to Lower serving as President, the records include an undated list of the officers and International Advisory Board.


Secretary: A.C. Thelock, Missouri


Vice Presidents:

Hawley I. Cole, Washington

Charles H. Fuller, California

Harold B. Fraser, Montana

Wendell Carton, Texas

Burris C. Jackson, Texas

  1. Russell Mattson, Nebraska

John C. Radamaker, Jr., Michigan

Herman G. Handmaker, Kentucky

Fred C. Rotzoll, Pennsylvania

Gordon C. Hazelwood, Rhode Island

  1. Bartow Ford, Georgia

Lester E. Ponnington, Illinois

Russell Wiginton, Winnipeg, Canada


International Advisory Board:

Frank S. Land, Chairman

  1. C. Minehart, Vice Chairman

John H. Glazier, New York

  1. A. Currie, Alabama

 Sam P. Cochran, Texas

Malvern M. Johnson, Massachusetts

Warren S. Seipp, Maryland

  1. Clarke Kelly, Kansas

Jesse M. Whited, California

Fred W. Hardwick, Kentucky

Jasper N. Wilkinson, Oklahoma

  1. S. King, Wyoming

Ernest A. Reed, New Jersey

  1. S. McCrea, Washington

Herbert Utterback, Iowa

Tinley L. Combs, Nebraska

G. T. Howden, Canada

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From Dad Land's Speech Notes

The Sad Fate of a Rabbit

A lion met a tiger

As they drank beside a pool.

Said the tiger, “Tell me why

You’re roaring like a fool?”

“That’s not foolish,” said the lion

With a twinkle in his eyes,

“They call me king of all the beasts

Because I advertise.”


A rabbit heard them talking

And ran home like a streak.

He thought he’d try the lion’s plan,

But his roar was a squeak.

A fox came to investigate—

Had luncheon in the woods.

So, when you advertise, my friends,

Be sure you’ve got the goods

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