A Better Feeling of Harmony

This week, we couldn’t find a better way to write this Centennial Moment than the article written for the DeMolay Scimitar, a publication of the Chapters in South California. This is an incredibly telling article about the character and motivations of “Dad” Frank S. Land. Read it, and then consider the questions that follow it:




1. It is impossible to read this article without wondering what was going on between the Chapters in Southern California that made “Dad” Land take a trip there to investigate the problem, and to decide to split California into a Northern and a Southern jurisdiction, and appoint an “Inspector” or what we would now call an Executive Officer. We will probably never know, but, what does this tell you about the way “Dad” Land approached issues and problems?
2. The writer for the publication had to sit with “Dad” Land while he ate a meal before catching the train to go to his next destination. Do you think “Dad” Land kept a very active schedule? Do you think that helped or hindered his work as Grand Scribe for the Grand Council?
3. Dad Land commends the DeMolays of Southern California for their work together, in service to each other and the community. He suggests that they take on a major campaign to get people to do their civic duty and vote. Do you think this was a casual suggestion, or a calculated challenge to the DeMolay members to take their minds off of petty arguments, and focus them on a bigger goal that could only be achieved by working together? Does this suggest to you a method to get past arguments or hard feelings that may have occasionally developed in your own Chapter? Do you think it could work, for you?
4. “Dad” Land’s last words to the interviewers were “Goodbye boys, remember, ‘Harmony’ is the watchword.” What does ‘harmony’ mean, in music? What is a “watchword?” What do you think “Harmony is the watchword” means? Why do you think “Dad” Land made this final statement?