DeMolay International consists of DeMolay throughout the world, except where the International Supreme Council or DeMolay International has established or franchised independent Supreme Councils or corporations to exclusively conduct the work of DeMolay in their own countries/Jurisdictions.

As in the case for Masonic Grand Lodges, there are those that are fraternally recognized and those that are not.

In DeMolay there are four independent organizations that DeMolay International recognizes.  They are:

-Supreme Councils in Australia


-DeMolay Canada

-The Supreme Council of the Order of DeMolay for the Federative Republic of Brazil (SCODRFB)

These are the four bodies in full fraternal relations with DeMolay International. Active DeMolays and adult leaders from these four bodies are entitled to visit Chapters and other appendant bodies chartered by DeMolay International. However, no active member from any of these bodies may vote, hold office or exercise any other privilege of membership in DeMolay International unless he is a dual, Class 6 member.  No adult leader may act in the capacity of a Class 5 member or be placed in a position of supervision or authority over our Class 6 members unless he or she has been registered, trained and enrolled as such.

As in Masonic Lodges, we must verify those who desire to attend or desire to join our recognized DeMolay Organizations.  Should you be approached by anyone claiming to be a DeMolay you must verify where they are from before allowing them to participate with your Jurisdictions, Chapters, etc.

Something that should be observed everywhere.

The DeMolay Experience is available to all young men. It can be a better experience when there is cooperative teamwork.