Freemasonry Unites Behind DeMolay

Four years AFTER the death of the Founder, Dad Frank S. Land, an historic moment for the Order of DeMolay took place on February 21, 1963 in Washington, D.C. Ten presiding officers of national and international Masonic Bodies signed a “Declaration of Principles” in support of the Order of DeMolay.  The signing took place in special ceremonies for the purpose, at the House of the Temple of the Supreme Council of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite for the Southern Masonic Jurisdiction.  At that time, DeMolay had over 170,000 active members in 2500 Chapters across 12 countries.  This provided a huge boost to DeMolay’s prestige and desirability to Masons throughout the world.

Participating were the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar, the Scottish Rite Supreme Councils of the Northern and Southern Masonic Jurisdictions, the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, the Genera Grand Council of Royal and Select Master Masons, the Shrine of North America, the Grotto Supreme Council, the Red Cross of Constantine, the Royal Order of Scotland and the Conference of Grand Masters of North America.

Basically, the declaration pointed out the faith and interest that was manifested in DeMolay, and pledges of individual support as well as organizational support were made.  The pledged support included both moral and financial, with no intention or desire on the signers’ part to determine DeMolay policy.

On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of DeMolay, the heads of these organizations reaffirmed these beliefs by again signing the Declaration on March 18, 1969 in Kansas City, Missouri, during the annual Supreme Council session.

Fifty years after the first document was signed, in 2013, the same proclamation was signed many of the same leaders, and this time it included most of the Grand Masters of Masons in the 50 United States.

 1.) What effect do you think this Declaration of Principles had when it was first signed?

2.) What part of the declaration is most significant to you? Explain your answer.

         A. The number of national and international organizations represented

         B. That it happened AFTER Dad Land’s death in 1959

         C.  That there was no intention to determine DeMolay policy.

3.)  What effect do you think the re-signing of the proclamation had in 2013?

4.)What value do such proclamations have for DeMolay?