Member’s Record Books

One of the most useful publications printed by the Order of DeMolay through the years was the Member’s Record Book. First printed in the mid-1920’s the Member’s Record Book was like a mini-handbook for new members to learn the history and customs of the Order, and to track their progress toward a wellrounded character. Of course, it was designed to help them earn the Representative DeMolay Award. In the MRB a member could record his initiation record and learn about the Supreme Council, its headquarters and operation.

In the Third Edition from 1928 , bearing an embossed purple cover, there is room to record the receipt of “Monograms” (like school “letters”) for participating on at least one Chapter team. Back then, Merit Bars were called “Merit Medals,” of
which there were 17 at that time.

In the Ninth Edition from 1944 a DeMolay could record his record of service as an officer and expanded the areas of service each member could record, again,leading him toward completing the Representative DeMolay Award. By the 1950’s the MRB’s included full page photos of President Harry Truman and Dad Land and the current Grand Master of DeMolay.

The 1959 Edition had the simplest cover, but it was the last to include Dad Land as Secretary General, and the first to include a photo-spread of the new DeMolay Headquarters Office building at 201 East Armour Blvd., shared with the Phillips Petroleum Company.

By the time of the 50th Anniversary the type had gotten smaller and the MRB included a biography of Dad Land.

The Members Record Book didn’t change much through the years because it was an effective tool for every new member to quickly learn about the culture and programs of the Order of DeMolay. It was discontinued in the 1980s as a costdiverting measure, when the Supreme Council voted to send the updated DeMolay Handbook, renamed as the DeMolay Leaders Resource Guide, to ALL new members as part of a fee increase justification.

More recently, all books have been replaced by websites, social media and phone apps. The most recent publication that is closest to the old Members Record Book is now available in the Downloads Section of in the section under “Chapters” and is titled, “New Member Guide.”

1. Have you ever had a Member’s Record Book, or a New Member Guide to record your activities in DeMolay?
2. Do you have the Representative DeMolay Award?
3. Do you think you could use the New Member Guide to help you prepare to complete the Representative DeMolay Award?
4. Does your Chapter give the New Member Guide to all your new members?