John Cameron Swayze

John Cameron Swayze

Television's First "Big" Newscaster

"Born in the heart of America, DeMolay now spans the world, opening the door for aspiring youth about to seek success in a tough world. It is a key to the kind of future we all desire."


Television's first "Big" Newscaster.
The "Camel News Caravan" - NBC 1948 - 1956.
ABC News Anchor 1957.
Host of "Who Said That?" 1948.
"Watch The World" 1950.
"Guess What Happened" 1952.
"VacationLand America; Sightseeing With the Swayzes" 1953.
"Chance for Romance" 1958.
"It's A Wonderful World" 1963.
Long Time Commercial spokesman for Timex Watches.
Legion of Honor 1938.
Washington Chapter, Atchison, Kansas. Initiated 1922.

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