Lee Sherman Dreyfus, PhD

Lee Sherman Dreyfus, PhD

Educator, Politician, Motivational Speaker

"For over fifty years, I have regularly thought about my Creator and His gifts of good life, family, and friends. This occurred whenever something made me aware that it was nine o'clock in the evening. This is the hour when, as a DeMolay, I learned to interrupt whatever I was doing, kneel, and bow my head in a prayer of thanks during interpolation."


Educator, Governor of Wisconsin, Motivational Speaker
Professor of Communications, University of Wisconsin, Madison - 1962
Chancellor, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point - 1967
Governor, State of Wisconsin - 1979
President, Sentry Insurance - 1983
President, Lee Sherman Dreyfus, Inc. - 1984
Honors and Awards:
The United States' "Distinguished Public Service Medal"
The Episcopal Church's "Cross of St. Luke"
President's "Gold Medal" - Association of the United States Army
Masonry's "33rd Degree"
Kappa Sigma Fraternity's "Man of the Year"
"Who's Who in America"
"Who's Who in the World"
Washington Park Chapter, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Past Master Councilor - 1943
Legion of Honor

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