Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey

Radio Journalist

"It seems that today, many young Americans flock to gangs. They are starved for a surrogate family. They don't have to be. In my generation, and in this one, there is DeMolay to funnel the energies of young Americans into building challenging, inspiring, rewarding, and constructive lives for themselves. Young Americans, it's all here in DeMolay. Come and get it!"


Radio Journalist
Born: Paul Harvey Aurandt
Began his radio career in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
His five weekly broadcasts hold the highest rating ever achieved in radio
His radio shows, broadcast on more than 1000 radio stations and have
a weekly audience of over 23 million listeners
Accomplishment have been recognized with the following citations and honors:
Radio's Man of the Year
American of the Year
Father of the Year
11 Freedom Foundation Awards
Inducted into the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame
He is also featured in the Museum of Broadcast Communications - 1988
Delta Chapter, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Initiated: September 30, 1936
Legion Of Honor

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