Ronald Roskens, PHD

Ronald Roskens, PHD

Researcher, Educator

"DeMolay was an anvil on which character issues of great consequence to young men were hammered out. The impact upon me at the time of active membership was immense. I can only hope that my subsequent actions have been faithful lessons that I was privileged to learn in the DeMolay environment."


Began career in education as a high school teacher - Milburn, Iowa 1954
Assistant Counselor to Men, University of Iowa - 1955
Associate Professor, Dean, Assistant to the President - Kent State University - 1959
Professor, Senior Vice President - Kent State University - 1966
Professor and Executive Vice President - Kent State University - 1971
Chancellor and Professor of Educational Administration - University of Nebraska
Omaha - 1972
President, University of Nebraska - 1977
Appointed by U.S. President George Bush to serve as Administrator of the U.S.
Agency for International Development (USAID) - 1990
President and Chief Executive Officer - Action International Incorporated, an
organization created to maximize the impact, and ensure the continuation of the
INTERACTION Council, a group of former world leaders who meet annually to
consider proposals and recommendations intended to effect positive changes on
the global scene.
12 Honorary Degrees from institutions of higher education around the World
Spencer Chapter, Spencer, Iowa
Initiated: 1949
Legion of Honor 1980

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