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DeMolay Bylaws, Rules, & Policies

50th Congress Bylaws
2016-2017 DeMolay International Bylaws – Rules & Regulations
DeMolay International Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter Bylaws
Legion of Honor Preceptory Bylaws
Squires Manor Bylaws


Step By Step: Dinner
Step By Step: Open House/Booths
Step By Step: Sports Day
Step By Step: Booth
Chapter Activity Planner
49th Int. Congress Proceedings
49th Int. Congress Official and Amended Call Items
Plan to Grow our Brotherhood Beyond Borders

Joining DeMolay

Membership Pamphlet 2018 Red
Membership Pamphlet 2018 Blue
Be A DeMolay Poster
New DeMolay Brochure
DeMolay Petition US
DeMolay Petition US Trifold
DeMolay Petition International
DeMolay Petition International Trifold
DeMolay Informational Cards
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Squires Petition


Annual Financial Report
Chapter Bylaws
Chapter Shut Down Check List
DeMolay Registration – Form 10
Knighthood Registration – Form 17
D.A.D Training Certification
DeMolay Chapter Resolution to Sponsor
Merit Bar Recorder
Minutes of a Meeting
Standard Charter Order Form
New Member Guide



Advisor Brochure – General
Advisor Brochure – Masonic Support
Advisor Brochure – Parents


Manor Declaration of Intent
Squire Draft Bylaws
Squire Registration – Form S
Squires Petition
Squires Ritual Official 1st Edition

Honors & Awards

Distinguished Service Award (DSA) Form
Guild of the Leather Apron (GLA)  (Advisor of the Year) Reporting Form
Hall of Fame Nomination Form
Medal of Appreciation Nomination Form
Medal of Heroism Nomination Form
Past Master Councilor Meritorious Service Award (PMC-MSA) and Past Illustrious Knight Commander Meritorious Service Award (PIKC-MSA)
Representative DeMolay (RD) Application
Zerubbabel Key Application
Advisor Honor Key


Alumni Association Application Form
Certificate of Insurance Request
2015-2016 Committee Directory
DeMolay Medical Release Form
DeMolay Photo Release Form
Future Sessions
Medical Claim Checklist
DeMolay Foundation Bylaws
DeMolay Group Exemption Letter
Attendance Record Refills